Haste is a company dedicated to selling aluminium solutions. By acquiring profiles, treatment and accessories, the company is able to offer its customers the complete package when it comes to window frames.

The historic heart of the activity is still located in Santa Maria da Feira, although we keep sale points in Braga and Entroncamento. Bearing in mind our core business strategy, a proximity strategy and activity, we strive to promote the steady strengthening of our presence, preferably between the Minho region and Greater Lisbon.

As to our core activity, first and foremost we are looking for the best professionals. It is an honour for the organization to have a workforce composed by salesmen, managers, technicians, and warehouse personnel/staff, with decades of accumulated experience. Other resources need to be added as well - sales, logistics, products and solutions, tools and technical support. Thanks to them the company is able to respond adequately to the needs of producing top-quality frames and ultimately achieving customer satisfaction.

In addition to the places where we do keep physical spaces, we develop our activity preferentially in five areas:

-District of Braga and Porto, covering all towns up to the region of Santa Maria da Feira;

-From Santa Maria da Feira to Viseu, and along the A25;

-District of Aveiro up to the A25, and south coast up to the District of Coimbra;

- South-Coimbra, Figueira da Foz, Pombal and district of Leiria;

-Entroncamento, A23 from the coast and North of Lisbon up to the Alentejo region.

In short, we cover mainly the area from Braga to Lisbon, with a commercial force mostly focused on the coast, of course, not dismissing Viseu and Alentejo regions, where we keep a historical and very relevant activity.






Create value for the social community involved, in permanent respect for all partners/stakeholders.

Our mission’s motto is:

Service, service, service! Proximity, proximity, proximity! Always placing the customer first!

We will therefore continue to focus on the best solutions, on the best level of service provided and excellence at all levels required by the market.

We are also backed by the support of Lacbraga (30th Anniversary, 1988-2018), of the President of the Portuguese Aluminum Association (APAL – Associação Portuguesa de Alumínio) since 2012, and of the European Association for Surface Treatment on Aluminum (ESTAL), since 2017.


The company has always been focused on following a strategic policy aimed at offering, together with carefully chosen partners, the best solutions, the closest to the customer and as soon as possible. We have also been strengthening our investment in research, in order to offer the best solutions to the market, while continuously improving thermal and acoustic performance.

In a nutshell, the company strongly believes in a business-driven, customer-oriented strategy/approach, characterized by a deep understanding of the products we sell and the services we provide, together with careful thought out criteria for choosing all our partners: since trust is definitely a key factor for the success of our organization[FFA1] .
For a long time the market in which we operate has no secrets for any player. Therefore, we try to think, design and strengthen the resources available with anticipation, in the medium and long term - people, premises and equipment, stock and logistics products, tools and certificates -, by investing permanently in human, technical and social training.
So, through the whole range of resources invested in the premises and in each worker, we always aim at increasing motivation of our workforce, day by day, step by step. Because each customer is unique and distinctive, we strongly believe in customized tailored solutions as an imperative to fully meeting their needs while looking for the maximum response to their demands, in Portugal, Europe and Africa.



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