Domo 50 Door

System Features:

Robustness, aesthetics, Domo 50 Door system, double seal in EPDM, developed for the construction of large doors and of intense use generally used in entrances of public or private buildings.

Combining the greater depth of their profiles with a greater thickness, guarantees a greater resistance to the use and the vandalism.

  • Fixed hoop is made with profile of 50mm wingspan
  • Mobile ring with 50mm, allowing a wide use of glass
  • Watertightness guaranteed by EPDM joints (Seals), exterior and interior
  • Extrusion profiles in aluminum alloy 6063
  • Average profile thickness 2 mm
  • Use of safety hinge, panic bars
Domo 50 Door
Air Permeability
EN 1026:2000
Wind Resistance
EN 12211 :2000
EN 1027:2000
Security Mechanism
EN 14609:2004
Energy Class


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