Commercial Team

Commercial Team

Distributed according to the work ethics and places referred to in detail on the page About the company, our commercial team embodies the true essence of our Organization. Our sales team and technicians are experienced professionals, used to work as a team and always supporting our customers.

As important as the general skills/expertise or techniques, we do privilege and cultivate human abilities!
By constantly renewing some of our basic and essential references, the company is able to comply with and strengthen the cornerstones of business success. Over the years, these pillars have been used in this joint task, namely:

  • being part of the solution, not the problem;
  • focusing on being helpful, rather than being important;
  • cultivating the "we" and team spirit, thus reducing the ego or the individual;
  • always seeking out for the result and the answer;
  • ignoring failure and/or excuses;
  • and many others that we seek to pass on to our team.

We're not looking for goals, but rather meet demanding steps of which we are proud of, while simultaneously increasing our responsibility and the notion of providing good service and fulfilling our mission.

Therefore, everyone has the chance to put these skills into practice as something natural and vital to the success of the company as a whole. We believe that individual improvement at the technical, social and human levels will be achieved, by promoting a healthy work environment and supporting the necessary collective growth.

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